Carpet Underlay Manchester

Luxury Underlay in Manchester

Luxury Carpets Manchester supply and fit carpet and underlay for domestic and commercial use. We specialise in luxury underlay such as Cloud 9, Tredaire and Duralay as well as an excellent economy range. Underlay acts as a barrier between your new carpet and the floor. When modernising your homes with a fresh paint job, new furniture and new flooring you give each aspect lots of thought. The same thought for the importance of underlay is often dismissed. Underlay is important for improving comfort and protection, insulating heat, reducing noise, preventing trapped dust and increasing lifespan of carpet.

Saving Money With The Right Underlay

Let us explain a little bit about why taking time to consider underlay can actually save you money! Not only are we here to help choose the perfect underlay for but also the most fitting. Before choosing underlay we will help you establish the correct relationship of carpet and underlay for door clearance. It’s important to balance the depth of carpet and underlay so doors open and close freely. Once we’ve established that we will look at the perfect range of underlay for your budget.

The perfect underlay for you

Below we will list 6 of the most important benefits of underlay and how you can decide the best choice for your home of business:

  • Underlay makes your carpet feel better. Carpet gains extra depth, improves cushioning offering that nice soft and comfy feel under the foot.
  • Underlay makes your carpet look better by protecting it keeping it looking new.
  • Underlay makes acts like a shock absorber enabling the carpet to stand up to wear and tear.
  • Underlay makes your home warmer by acting as a heat insulator heat and can reduce energy costs by up to 15%.
  • Underlay makes your home quieter. Carpeted floor with a good quality underlay is up to 2.5 X quieter than one without.
  • Underlay makes your home easier to clean because it helps to protect the carpet pile, preventing trapped dust.
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